Bitcoin was only the first step in the global Blockchain revolution.

We Enable The Tokenization Of ALL The World’s Real And Digital Assets Through AI, Machine Learning And Blockchain Technology

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Winner Of Multiple Innovation And Fintech Awards

Awards Profiled in:


  • Matt Cooper: Former Managing Director at Capital One
  • Mike Harris: Former CEO of Prudential Bank and Founder of HSBC First Direct
  • Tim Jackson: Former Managing Director at the Carlyle Group and General Partner at Lean Investments
  • Ankit Jain: Founding Partner, Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI fund)
  • Ahmed Medhat: Data Science Lead at Facebook and former Chief Data Scientist at Duedil.


  • Sam Evans: Founder of EOS Venture Partners and former Partner at KPMG
  • Sukand Ramachandran: Managing Director and Partner at the Boston Consulting Group
  • Andy Rear: Chief Executive of Munich Re Digital Partners
  • Mike Rees: Former Deputy CEO Standard Chartered Bank
  • Frank Turley: Group Treasurer Legal and General

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What is Our Mission?

AssetVault's mission is to protect and secure the linkages between cryptographic blockchain tokens and the real world. Backed by some of the most experienced and respected experts in the financial services and technology industries, AssetVault seeks to use AI, machine learning and blockchain technologies in order to enable the safe and secure tokenization of ALL the world’s real and digital assets, currently worth almost $255 trillion.
A Techstars Class of 2016 company and the winner of multiple financial services industry innovation and fintech awards, Assetvault is revolutionizing the way the world records, secures, protects, insures, monetizes, licenses, trades, and transfers any asset--either digital or physical--without unnecessary, multiple 3rd party intermediaries, exorbitant transaction costs, or the need for complex end user technical expertise.

AssetVault Is Developing Three Initial Use Case Solutions For Its Emerging Portfolio Of Protocols, Algorithms, And Governance Models

Wills And Transfer Of Tokenized Assets

Legally recognised and cryptographically secure smart contract based wills and conveyancing mechanisms for the intertemporal and interpersonal transfer of tokenized real and digital assets across multiple jurisdictions.

Private Marketplaces For Tokenized Assets

Private, online marketplaces for the secure transaction of tokenized
real and digital assets, with covenants and protocols for selective anonymity, condition based contingent transfers, escrow, and transaction reversibility.

Protection Of Tokenized Assets

Custody, hedging, insurance, and derivative products, institutions and governance incentive mechanisms in order to allow for the protection against losses arising from forks, lost keys, token based fraud, and counterparty risk.

Meet Our Team

C.M. 'Chris' Hong


AB (Harvard), M.Sc., M.A.

Chris is the chairman of Assetvault’s global advisory board where he provides strategic guidance for the company. Chris is also a co-founder and director of the BCCC Group, which organizes the Blockchain World Conferences and is the founder of the Accenture Alumni Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Group.

Chris began his career at McKinsey & Company and subsequently served as president, CEO, and/or co-founder of several digital technology companies including SavvySearch Limited, acquired by CBS C|NET (NYSE: CBS) and Ocapo Limited (co-investment with Northzone Venture Capital), in addition to serving as head of China strategy consulting practice for Cap Gemini Ernst & Young, the head of media industry strategy practice for Accenture UKI (NYSE: ACN), and director of the European corporate strategy board for CEB, acquired by the Gartner Group (NYSE: IT).

Chris carried out his undergraduate studies in physics at the KTH Institute of Technology in Stockholm, in law at Sciences Po in Paris, and in general studies at Seoul National University and in philosophy, government and economics at Harvard University. At Harvard, Chris was awarded Phi Beta Kappa, John Harvard Scholarship and Detur Prize for academic excellence and was selected by the Harvard University faculty committee as the most promising scholar in his class (#1 student out of 1,600 in his year). Chris’ honors thesis at Harvard on the topic of consensus based voting mechanisms and foundations of rational choice theory was advised by Nobel Prize winning economist Amartya Sen, and he has been published in The Harvard Business Review China and The Corporate Strategy Board.

Vishnu Chundi

Co-Founder and CEO

M.Phil. (Cambridge), M.Sc., MBA

Vishnu is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of AssetVault where he is responsible for setting the product vision and executive direction of the company. In 2016, Vishnu co-founded AssetVault with Farid Haque, and he has spearheaded the company’s involvement with several of the world’s leading Fintech, accelerator and innovation programs including Techstars (Class of 2016), UBS Future of Finance (Class of 2017) and Munich Re Mundi Lab (Class of 2017). Vishnu started his career at Bain and Company, and he subsequently launched the PayLater retail payment processing platform as Head of New Products for Wonga, a financial technology company focusing on short term credit.

A holder of three masters degrees in physics, nanotechnology, finance and entrepreneurship, Vishnu carried out his graduate studies at the University of California at Berkeley, the University of Geneva, the University of Cambridge and the London Business School. At the University of Geneva, his thesis was in the area of Quantum Cryptography. A native of Hyderabad, India, Vishnu previously scored in the top 0.04% in India on his college board exams. In 2010, he was selected as the only student in the entire country by the Oxford and Cambridge Society of India as recipient of its leadership scholarship for graduate studies at Cambridge, where he graduated with the highest honours in his class, and where his master’s thesis won the best research award of the year. Vishnu speaks 6 languages, including English, French, Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, and Urdu.

Farid Haque

Co-Founder and COO

B.Sc. (University Of Toronto, Engineering)

Farid is the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of AssetVault, where he is responsible for executing against the strategic roadmap of the company, developing its intellectual property portfolio, and scaling out its global operations.

Previously, Farid served in a number of leadership roles in financial services technology services at Accenture, as interim Head of Strategy for Barclays Business Bank, and as CEO of Startup Britain, in partnership with the UK Prime Minister’s Office and AXA, Paypal, Intel and Intuit. At Accenture, Farid carried out a number of pioneering projects in hash based cryptography including implementing secure authentication protocols for tokenized digital assets on a distributed private ledger, several years before the publication of Nakamoto's paper.

Farid has served on the board of directors of FabriQate, and he was founder of Erly Stage studios and Haque & Company based in London. Farid is also a co-founder, along with Chris, of the Accenture Alumni Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Group.

Farid is a graduate of the University of Toronto and has participated in executive education programmes at Harvard Business School. He speaks 5 languages including English, French, Urdu, Arabic, and Norwegian.

Kieron Farrelly

Chief Technology Officer

B.Sc. (City University Of London, Computer Science), M.A.

Kieron is the Chief Technical Officer of Assetvault where he leads the product and technology development of the company.

Prior to joining AssetVault, Kieron was co-founder and CTO of Aid:tech, one of the most celebrated real world applications of blockchain based distributed public ledger technologies. Aid:tech pioneered the use of blockchain digital assets for the tracking and distribution of humanitarian aid to refugees, and his work has won awards from the United Nations, the European Commission, MIT Innovation, and Citi Tech.

Previously, Kieron served a number of international, national and local governmental organisations based in Switzerland and within Europe, on a wide range high level roles, including helping to lead cutting edge cryptography research and development. Prior to his government experience, Kieron worked as a private IT security consultant for six years, working with many of the Europe's top companies on a wide array of high level IT, security, systems and protocol development roles.

An early blockchain visionary, Kieron was one of the first individuals in Britain and Ireland to contribute to the original Bitcoin code base, and he is one of the world's leading pioneers in understanding the applications, risks and opportunities of real world asset tokenization on blockchain technologies.

Dr. Koujiro Tambara, Ph.D.

Head of Operations

Ph.D. (Cambridge University), M.Sc. B.A.

Dr. Tambara is head of operations at AssetVault where he works with our key partners to optimise the compliance, compatibility, and interoperability of both the AVSATT framework and the AVDANet platform with real world financial processes, legal jurisdictions, and technological infrastructures. At AssetVault, Dr. Tambara has spearheaded our initiatives within the global financial services industry and has worked closely with organisations such as UBS, Allianz LV, and Accenture and. Prior to joining AssetVault, Dr. Tambara was a technology and strategy consultant for the Capital Markets Company where he advised leading investment banks, retail banks, and private equity firms across a wide portfolio of mission-critical initiatives.
Dr. Tambara earned all his academic degrees (B.A., M.Sc., and Ph.D.) at Cambridge University, and he completed his Ph.D. in three years while also publishing 4 scientific journal papers, playing competitive rugby for the Cambridge Rugby team, and working part-time at McKinsey & Company. A Japanese national, Dr. Tambara is also an accomplished classical musician and has attained the highest level for violin performance awarded by the Associated Board of the Royal School of Music. He speaks English and Japanese.

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